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Lib Tech

Lib Tech is a pioneering brand deeply rooted in the action sports community, renowned for its innovative approach to snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing equipment. With a reputation built on quality and performance, Lib Tech continuously pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in board sports through the creative application of technology and Lib Tech environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.


Lib Tech’s snowboards are the heart of the brand’s winter product line. Each board is a testament to the company’s commitment to craftsmanship, performance, and sustainability. Lib Tech’s exclusive Bananatechnology (BTX) is a game-changer in snowboard design, providing riders with a revolutionary rocker/camber hybrid contour that delivers unparalleled edge control while maintaining a playful and forgiving ride. Their Magne-Traction® serrated edges offer exceptional grip on icy slopes, making Lib Tech boards incredibly versatile across various snow conditions.

Beyond their technical innovations, Lib Tech has made substantial efforts in sustainable manufacturing. They use environmentally nicer materials like bio-plastics made from beans and recycled materials, ensuring that their snowboards not only ride well but also respect the planet. Lib Tech’s snowboard lineup includes models designed in collaboration with world-class athletes, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of professional riders. With a range of models tailored for every style and skill level, from freestyle to freeride and all-mountain, Lib Tech caters to anyone looking to carve, jib, or float through powder with confidence and ease.


Even though Lib Tech might be best known for its snowboards, its venture into skateboarding embraces the same ethos of performance and sustainability. Their Skate Banana, a playful take on the skateboard, reflects their innovative spirit. By incorporating unique materials like their eco-friendly Exo-Skeletech construction, these skateboards offer enhanced durability and pop while reducing waste during production.

Lib Tech skateboards are also designed to accommodate a range of riding styles, ensuring that whether you’re hitting street spots or ripping through parks, there’s a board that’s tuned to your approach to skating. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality construction mean these boards are highly sought after both by dedicated skaters who demand performance and those who appreciate the brand’s Lib Tech environmentally efforts.


Translating their passion for board sports to the waves, Lib Tech has also made significant inroads in surfing with their Waterboards. Backed by the same innovative spirit found in their snowboards and skateboards, Lib Tech’s surfboards claim a number of groundbreaking advances. These include their eco-friendly manufacturing processes and the use of unique materials that resist dents and dings far better than traditional fiberglass boards.

Lib Tech’s surfboard collection boasts designs shaped by surfing legends. Innovations like their Nitrogenecell foam and Hexzylon fiber foam skins give the boards a light, lively, and responsive feel. Additionally, the use of bio-matrix resin and elastomeric vibration absorption layers demonstrates their sustainable approach without sacrificing performance.

Environmental Commitment

What stands out across all the board sports equipment from Lib Tech is their commitment to sustainable practices. The Mervin Manufacturing facility in Washington state, where Lib Tech boards are made, runs on renewable energy, and every effort is made to reduce waste and hazardous materials from their production processes. From using thermally activated resins that don’t require harmful solvents to harvesting wood from renewable sources for their cores, Lib Tech walks the talk when it comes to eco-friendly production.

Their ‘Built in the USA’ approach further reduces carbon footprint compared to overseas production and ensures high standards of quality and fair labor practices. This local manufacturing ethos, combined with Lib Tech environmentally Zero Hazardous Waste policy, showcases Lib Tech’s industry leadership not just in innovation but also in responsibility to the environment.

Brand Culture

Lib Tech resonates with a culture that’s all about freedom, creativity, and pushing the limits. That’s why their graphics are as distinct and vivid as their technological features, typically featuring bold artwork that captures the spirit of board sports. The brand’s identity is infused with a quirky sense of humor and a commitment to community, seen in their support of athletes, artists, and events within the skate, snow, and surf scenes.

Their tagline ‘Rippers and artists collaborating’ underlines their approach to product development and their respect for the culture surrounding board sports. Collaborating with some of the most creative minds in the industry helps the brand stay true to its roots while continuously innovating. Lib Tech environmentally invests heavily in research and development, driven by feedback from their team riders and the wider community, ensuring that the equipment they produce genuinely reflects the needs and desires of those who use it.

With a mission to build the best boards in the world and improve the experience for all who ride them, Lib Tech stands out as a conscientious and progressive brand. Whether gliding on snow, grinding a rail, or catching a wave, enthusiasts can trust in the Lib Tech’s dedication to performance, quality, and respect for our planet. It’s this winning combination that keeps the brand at the Lib Tech environmentally forefront of the board sports industry, keeping true to the ever-evolving, adrenaline-pumping world of riders and adventurers.

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