Ghetto Rags Anti-Workwear, Skateboards & Griptape

Ghetto Rags Anit-Workwear – Unleashing Street Style with Quality and Attitude

Ghetto Rags anti-workwear represents the authentic heartbeat of the streets, fuelling the skate scene with gear that’s as rugged as it is rad. Born from the pavement and inspired by the city’s raw energy, our brand channels the true spirit of skating culture, crafted for those who embrace the grind, the flip, and the hustle.

Skateboards That Make a Statement

Our collection of skateboards isn’t just about mobility; it’s a form of self-expression. Every deck in our lineup is designed to turn heads, with bold graphics and designs that speak to the soul of street skating. We work with local artists and skaters to push the boundaries of design, ensuring that when you ride a Ghetto Rags deck, you’re riding a piece of street art.

  • Performance Decks: Constructed with high-quality maple wood for strength and durability, our decks are built to withstand the toughest ollies and the gnarliest rails.
  • Unique Graphics: From gritty streetwise art to iconic cultural nods, each graphic is screened for vibrant color and lasting wear.
  • Size Options: Catering to all styles, our decks come in a range of widths, so whether you’re about flips or cruising, we’ve got you covered.

Griptape That Holds the Streets

What’s a rad deck without the grip to match? Ghetto Rags griptape is more than just a layer; it’s your connection to the board. Our griptape provides the crucial bond that skaters depend on for control and precision.

  • Superior Grip: High-grade materials ensure that your feet stay planted, giving you the confidence to hit that next trick.
  • Enduring Durability: Our griptape is tough, designed to resist wear and tear from daily sessions on concrete and asphalt.
  • Custom Cuts: Stand out even further with custom-cut griptape patterns that let you infuse your personality into every aspect of your ride.

The Ghetto Rags Tribe

When you gear up with anti-workwear Ghetto Rags, you’re not just buying skate equipment; you’re joining a community. We’re more than just a brand; we’re a brotherhood and sisterhood of street shredders who live and breathe skateboarding. Our apparel, accessories, and skate gear are a testament to the subculture that keeps the streets alive.

  • Events & Collaborations: Keep an eye on our calendar for skate jams, contests, and collaborations with other street brands.
  • Sponsored Riders: We’re proud to sponsor riders who represent the edge and energy of Ghetto Rags. Check out their profiles and watch them tear it up.
  • Community Involvement: Giving back to the streets that raised us, we’re involved in community outreach and initiatives to support and grow the urban skate scene.

Get Decked Out

Ready to add some street cred to your ride? Browse our online store for the latest releases in decks, griptape, and skate accessories. Join the Ghetto Rags anti-workwear movement today and skate with the tenacity of the street.

For more information and to connect with fellow skaters, follow us on social media, and tag us with #GhettoRags to show off your setup. Keep pushing, keep grinding, and remember – in the streets, we rise.

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