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Burton Snowboards

Burton Snowboards, founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, stands as one of the pioneering companies and a leading brand in the snowboarding industry. Headquartered in Burlington, Vermont, Burton has played a crucial role in developing snowboarding from a backyard hobby to a world-class sport by producing a wide range of high-quality snowboards, bindings, boots, outerwear, and accessories.

History of Burton Snowboards

Jake Burton Carpenter, often considered one of the godfathers of snowboarding, started the company with a vision of creating a lifestyle around snowboarding. He was not the inventor of the snowboard but was a key figure in its evolution and global popularization. Over the years, the company thrived due to its innovative designs and technology advancements in snowboard equipment.

Product Range


Burton offers snowboards for a variety of terrains and riding styles, including all-mountain, freestyle, powder, and park boards. The lineup features models for every level of rider, from beginners to professionals. They also offer a custom line where individuals can design their own boards.

Bindings and Boots

To complement their snowboards, Burton manufactures high-quality bindings and boots. Bindings are essential for effective board control and come in different styles to accommodate various riding preferences. Burton’s boots are known for their comfort, durability, and performance.

Apparel and Accessories

Burton also provides a wide assortment of apparel, including jackets, pants, gloves, and hats designed specifically for snowboarding. Their clothing line incorporates materials that cater to the unique requirements of snowboarders, offering warmth, waterproofing, breathability, and mobility. In addition, Burton markets a range of accessories like goggles, helmets, and protective gear, as well as bags for transporting snowboarding equipment.

Commitment to Sustainability

Burton is committed to sustainability and environmental advocacy. The company is on a mission to minimize its carbon footprint and impact on the planet. They have implemented sustainable practices such as using recycled materials and have supported various ecological initiatives and activism in the snow sports community.

Burton Team Riders

The brand supports a team of professional snowboarders who are some of the best in the world. These riders compete internationally and contribute to product development by testing and providing feedback on equipment.

Community and Culture

Burton has fostered a strong community and culture around snowboarding. They host events such as the Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships and run the Chill Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to bring snowboarding to youth who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.


Burton Snowboards has not only been instrumental in the development of snowboarding but has also maintained its position as an industry leader through a continued emphasis on innovation, quality, and community. Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, Burton offers everything needed to enhance the snowboarding experience. The brand’s dedication to the sport and the lifestyle it represents continues to inspire snowboarders around the globe.

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