Almost Skateboards – A Brand That’s Pushing Boundaries

Almost Skateboards

Almost Skateboards: A Brand That’s Pushing Boundaries and Inspiring Generations

In the world of skateboarding, innovation and creativity are the lifeblood that keeps the culture moving forward. Since its inception, Almost Skateboards has proven to be a powerhouse in delivering top-tier products, while simultaneously inspiring skaters around the globe. Established in 2003 by skate legends Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song, Almost is a brand that’s remained true to its roots, embodying the authentic spirit of skateboarding.

The Origin Story – A Foundation Built on Innovation

Almost Skateboards sprang from the minds of two individuals who have arguably shaped skateboarding more than any other. Mullen, known as the “Godfather of Street Skating,” and Song, famed for his technical prowess and creative lines, both envisioned a company that would push the envelope in skateboard deck technology. Their combined experience and passion for the sport led to the creation of Almost, whose name reflects the ongoing pursuit of perfection – almost there, but always leaving room for progression.

Deck Tech – Not Just a Board, but a Statement

One of the critical aspects setting Almost Skateboards apart is its commitment to technology and performance. The brand introduced innovations like Impact Support, Double Impact, and Uber Light deck constructions. Impact Support features carbon fiber discs embedded around the deck’s truck mount areas to distribute the force of impact and reduce the chances of breakage. Double Impact decks go further with an additional carbon fiber top layer that adds unparalleled strength and durability without sacrificing the essential pop. Lastly, the Uber Light construction takes things to the extreme with a high-strength carbon fiber foam core deck – incredibly light yet sturdy.

These technological advances are not just about creating a product that lasts longer; they’re about providing skaters with the tools to push their abilities to the limit. Skaters riding Almost decks can trust that they’re on boards designed to help them land the toughest tricks with confidence.

Graphic Appeal – Art on Wheels

Skateboard graphics are more than just aesthetic enhancements; they’re a form of expression, a way to stand out and make a statement. Almost Skateboards excels in this realm, offering a wide array of designs that appeal to diverse tastes, from the playful and vibrant to the classic and clean. Collaborations with notable artists and pop culture icons regularly refresh their lineup with exciting new visuals.

One such notable collaboration is the ongoing partnership with DC Comics and Warner Bros, where Almost brings beloved characters like Superman, Batman, and Flash to life on skate decks. These collections aren’t just merchandise; they’re collector’s items that fuse the worlds of comic book culture with skateboarding.

Rider-Driven – A Team That’s Almost Family

The Almost team is a dynamic blend of veteran rippers and young blood, all bringing unique styles and perspectives. With legends like Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song at the helm, the team is a melting pot of talent. Riders like Youness Amrani, Yuri Facchini, and Fran Molina continue the brand’s legacy with progressive skateboarding that captivates and motivates.

Community and outreach are crucial components of Almost. Their team members are known to engage with the skate community, whether through skate park demos, online tutorials, or social media interactions. They understand that the backbone of any successful brand is the people who support and represent it, on and off the decks.

Environmental Consciousness – Pushing Sustainability

In today’s world, environmental responsibility is a marker of a forward-thinking brand. Almost recognizes the impact that skateboarding manufacturing can have on the environment, and it has taken steps to help reduce this footprint. By utilizing eco-friendly resins and renewable wood resources when possible, Almost reinforces a commitment not only to their riders but also to the future of the planet.

Impact Beyond the Board – Inspirational Outreach

Almost does more than just sell skateboards; it fosters a culture. The brand supports local and global skateboarding initiatives, aiming to make the sport more accessible and inclusive. With campaigns and programs designed to empower youth through skateboarding, Almost helps cultivate the next generation of skaters and creates a positive impact that resonates well beyond the skatepark.

Learning from the Best – Education and Progression

Rodney Mullen’s technical know-how and passion for sharing knowledge are interwoven into the fabric of Almost. The brand supports educational content, from trick tips to industry insights, aiding in the growth of both amateur and skilled skateboarders alike. By demystifying the complexities of skateboarding tricks and mechanics, Almost promotes a shared learning experience where everyone can improve and enjoy the ride.

Embracing Every Skater

Almost isn’t limited to those who can Ollie ten stairs or grind down a handrail. It’s a brand for every skateboarder – from those stepping on a board for the first time to seasoned professionals carving up the street circuit. The inclusive approach is evident in their wide spectrum of product offerings, from complete setups tailored for beginners to advanced components for custom builds.

The Dove Logo – A Symbol of Peace and Progression

Almost’s dove logo is instantly recognizable, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to peace, freedom, and the pure joy of skateboarding. It serves as a reminder to skaters worldwide that amidst the chaos of progression and competition, the core values of skate culture are about community, creativity, and expression.

Today and Tomorrow – Staying True While Moving Forward

The evolving landscape of skateboarding presents new challenges and Almost Skateboards continues to adapt while maintaining the core tenets that have made it a beloved brand. By fostering talent, pioneering new technologies, and keeping community at the forefront, Almost is not just surviving in a competitive industry but thriving as a beacon for skaters everywhere.

As other brands come and go, Almost Skateboards remains stedfast, constantly refining what it means to be a skateboard company in the modern age. With each board crafted and each skater inspired, Almost stakes its claim not only in the skateboarding industry but also in the hearts of those who live to skate. Aspiring to perfection, they remain “Almost” there, challenging riders to join in the pursuit of that ever-elusive next level.

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