Union Snowboard Bindings Innovation Meets Quality

Union Snowboard Bindings

Union snowboard bindings are widely recognized as some of the most reliable and high-performance bindings in the snow sports industry. With a focus on durability, comfort, and state-of-the-art technology, Union has consistently supplied snowboarders of all levels with bindings that enhance their experience on the slopes.

Company Background:

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Union Binding Company has been producing snowboard bindings since 2005. Their dedication to innovation and quality materials quickly set them apart from competitors. Union’s mantra has been to create bindings that deliver in all types of terrain, whether the rider is performing on a groomed trail, in the backcountry, or in the park doing freestyle tricks. Over the years, they have cultivated a strong reputation in the snowboarding community, securing their position as a top contender in the industry.

Design & Technology:

Union’s design philosophy emphasizes strength, responsiveness, and weight reduction. Their bindings are engineered to provide a seamless connection between the rider and their board, optimizing control and power transfer.

One of the brand’s signature technologies is the use of Duraflex material — a proprietary blend that withstands cold temperatures without becoming brittle or losing strength. This ensures that the bindings perform consistently regardless of weather conditions.

Union also incorporates extruded 3D aluminum heel cups, which further stiffen the binding’s chassis, translating directly to increased board control. Moreover, minimal-contact baseplates reduce the dead zones underfoot, crucial for maintaining the true flex of the snowboard.

Comfort and Fit:

A major selling point for Union bindings is their comfort. High-density multi-layered straps conform to the rider’s boots, distributing pressure evenly and reducing the likelihood of pressure points. Additionally, the ratchets are designed for ease of use, ensuring a secure and hassle-free fit every time.

Union’s bindings come with varying levels of cushioning, often employing EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam padding in the baseplate and heel area to soak up vibrations and soften landings. This feature is particularly appreciated by riders who spend long hours in their bindings and tend to hit larger jumps or rough terrain.

Range of Products:

Union offers a wide range of bindings, catering to different styles and skill levels. Here’s a general overview:

  • Beginner: These are designed for those who are new to snowboarding. They prioritize ease of use and provide a forgiving flex that’s conducive to learning and progression.
  • All-Mountain: For those who ride all types of terrain, these bindings offer a balance between flexibility and support, making them highly versatile.
  • Freestyle: These are for park riders who need a more flexible binding that allows for maximum mobility and trick execution.
  • Freeride and Backcountry: Tailored to riders who venture off-piste, these bindings are sturdier, allowing for precise control in variable conditions.
  • Women’s Specific: With adjusted flex patterns and ergonomics to suit women riders, these bindings accommodate smaller foot sizes and different calf shapes.

Sustainability Commitment:

Union has taken steps towards sustainability, a subject of growing importance in the snow sports community. They’ve implemented a recycling program for old bindings and are working to ensure that all new products are made with environmentally friendly processes and materials wherever possible.

Community and Sponsorship:

Union snowboard bindings proudly supports a team of professional snowboarders. These athletes provide valuable feedback on product development, ensuring that the bindings meet the demands of the highest level of snowboarding. Additionally, Union encourages grassroots involvement by sponsoring events and local competitions, fostering the growth of the sport.

Customer Service and Warranty:

Union stands behind their products with a robust warranty policy. Their customer service is known for being responsive and helpful, ensuring that any issues riders face with their bindings are addressed quickly and satisfactorily.


Union Snowboard Bindings provide snowboarders with a reliable, high-quality connection to their snowboards. Whether you are hitting the slopes for the first time or carving down steep alpine terrain, Union offers a binding that will suit your needs. Their attention to detail, commitment to durability, and ongoing innovation make their products a preferred choice for many in the snowboarding community.

In the world of snowboarding, where your bindings are the critical link between body movement and board response, a quality pair of bindings like those from Union can significantly affect your day on the mountain. Heading forward, Union is likely to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the binding space, maintaining their reputation for providing some of the best snowboarding gear available on the market.

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