Volcom – The Blend of Skate, Surf, and Innovation

Volcom Skate

Volcom: The Harmonious Blend of Skate, Surf, and Innovation

From the beginning, Volcom has been the brand that captures the quintessential spirit of the youth culture of skateboarding and surfing. With their iconic stone logo and their motto “True To This,” they have seamlessly integrated themselves into the tapestry of boardsports lifestyle, producing not just apparel, but a way of life.

The Ethos

It’s more than just fashion; it’s about embracing creativity and fighting back against the oppression of establishment. Born in 1991, Volcom was the brainchild of Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall during a snowboarding trip. The brand’s essence is drawn from their passion for skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, and the freedom that these sports represent.

Volcom’s dedication to youth culture goes beyond sports, diving deep into music and art. Through their collaborations with artists, musicians, and athletes, they’ve fostered a community that thrives on diversity, innovation, and authenticity.

A Sea of Apparel

Volcom isn’t just a tag on a shirt; it’s the embodiment of innovation in design and function. Their line of clothing and accessories is extensive, covering every need from the casual to the extreme. Boardshorts, skate tees, jeans, jackets, hats, you name it. Each piece is crafted to withstand the rigors of active sports while keeping a fashion-forward edge. And let’s not forget their dedication to sustainability with the launch of the Volcom Pipe Pro event, which is certified carbon neutral and serves as a testament to their commitment to the environment.

What sets them Apart?

  1. Quality and Durability: By consistently choosing high-quality materials and innovative manufacturing processes, They ensures that their products are not only stylish but built to last. Whether you’re grinding rails or paddling into the swell, you can trust your gear to keep up with you.
  2. Style and Substance: They strike a unique balance between functionality and appearance. Their clothes make a statement, showcasing bold patterns, edgy graphics, and an unmistakable aesthetic that sets wearers apart from the crowd.
  3. Commitment to Sustainability: With their “Eco-True” initiatives, Volcom has made a significant investment in making their products and processes more sustainable. From using recycled materials to supporting projects like their ‘Give Jeans a Chance’ initiative, they strive to reduce their environmental impact.
  4. Support for Artists and Athletes: By staying deeply rooted in the communities they serve, Volcom has built a genuine rapport with their audience. They support up-and-coming musicians, sponsor athletes, and give back through events, making them a foundational pillar in the subcultures they cater to.
  5. Innovation: Constantly pushing boundaries, Volcom has been at the forefront of technological advancements in clothing for action sports. Their patented Cinch Fly Technology on their boardshorts and the V.Co-logical series collection are perfect examples.

Volcom’s Social Impact

Volcom‘s reach extends into philanthropy. They understand the importance of giving back and have embarked on notable initiatives, such as the aforementioned ‘Give Jeans a Chance’ campaign, where the collected jeans are distributed to homeless shelters. By actively engaging their community, Volcom has initiated a movement that encourages people to take action in meaningful ways.

Volcom and You

What does it mean to wear Volcom? It means you are part of a tradition of nonconformity and rebellion, a member of a global family committed to living life to the fullest in the most creative, sustainable ways possible. It’s an outward expression of the dedication to staying true to the passions that define you – be it riding a wave, sliding on a half-pipe, or simply embracing a lifestyle that values originality and freedom.

Living the Volcom Way

Whether you are hitting the local skate park, waiting for the next set of waves, or simply expressing your individuality, they have something for you. The brand continues to evolve, constantly adapting to the ever-changing landscape of boardsports and youth culture, all while maintaining their core values. With their finger on the pulse of the latest trends, they are consistently delivering products that speak to the style-savvy, eco-conscious, and those dedicated to the pursuit of adrenaline.

Engage with the Brand

Becoming part of the Volcom family isn’t just about buying clothes; it’s about embracing an ethos, a culture, and a way of life. Follow them on social media, join in their events, and be a part of a community that pushes you to the edge, always driving you to be “True To This.”

The Future

As they look to the future, the path is one paved with ongoing innovation and a deepening commitment to the environment. Their goal is to inspire and outfit the world with their unique blend of lifestyle and performance. The continued evolution of their brand and community outreach suggests that Volcom will always be synonymous with skateboarding, surfing, and a lifestyle led on your own terms.

By wearing Volcom, you’re making a statement: you’re a part of the global movement of thrill-seekers, creators, and forward-thinkers who are as passionate about their pursuits as they are about making a positive impact. Get ready to carve that bowl, catch the perfect wave, and do it all with confidence, knowing that Volcom stands behind you, just as they have stood behind the boardsports culture for years.

Dive into Volcom’s world where the tides, the ramps, and the streets are yours to conquer, all while making sustainable choices that help preserve the playgrounds you love. Join the Volcom family and keep pushing the limits, because in their world, there’s no standing still, only moving forward with audacity, creativity, and a relentless drive to be “True To This.”

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